The "Movida" of Cesenatico

Night Life a Cesenatico

A CONTINUOUS FESTIVAL, a living country

La Movida a Cesenatico


The night of Cesenatico is always alive, to reign sovereign is fun.
Equipped for quiet evenings but also for the fun of young people, in Cesenatico there is no chance to get bored.
Evenings of pure fun in the premises of Cesenatico open until late at night, including pubs, discos and street bars, both outdoors and indoors.
The premises in Cesenatico are equipped and suitable for different targets, choose the one that most closely reflects your spirit of divination.



A walk on the Porto Canale et voila ... a well-furnished place, a friendly smile.
For an aperitif or a cocktail you will find well-kept bars and lively street bars, in the small squares of the center all the comforts to breathe the fresh sea breeze while sipping a drink.
The cesenatic nightlife is not only unbridled fun but also tranquility and pleasure. Many events that animate the country in the summer, many of call, other features ... we will involve you at 360°.

Vita Notturna a Cesenatico


Get full of fun is one of the many attractions that Cesenatico offers tourists who have always invaded the Riviera during the summer.
In Cesenatico, leisure, entertainment, good food and hospitality are on the agenda, all those features that have made their contribution in making it a tourist-friendly country.
The night on the Riviera is full of lights and the music resonates in the air, between bars, pubs, discos, street bars, discos on the beach for all tastes and reflecting all kinds.