Typicalities of Cesenatico and surroundings

Mercatini a Cesenatico

IN CESENATICO... shopping at kilometer "zero"

Mercatini a Cesenatico


Immersing yourself in the culture and the heart of things has never been so simple.
Cesenatico, the beating heart of the beautiful life on the Riviera, abounds in typical and characteristic products ranging from craftsmanship to quality products.
Rediscover the pleasure of taste by being transported by the taste of authenticity, delicacies to be purchased on the spot but also souvenirs of a maritime culture worthy of being remembered.



Stroll along the Porto Canale or ride along the promenade, immerse yourself in the narrow streets of the city center, discovering hidden squares and quaint shops.
There are many dates, places and opportunities to run into a nice flea market, even children have the opportunity to market in dedicated areas. In Cesenatico, both day and night, you will find markets for all tastes, just keep up to date.
From Zadina to Villamarina, a program full of proposals for alternative shopping.

Artigianato Locale a Cesenatico


Cesenatico, always a hospitable land able to offer various leisures reflecting the different types of sea holidays, from the sea to the cultural, is also able to give unique and authentic flavors, typical Romagna with distinctive character, crafts and no less, souvenirs characteristic.
Not the classic holiday ... because Cesenatico is not only sea but also discovered. Behind an avenue, a typical little road, behind a fish restaurant, a typical piadina bar, behind the sunset, an overwhelming nightlife.
Cesenatico is rich in background that will affect the eye and the heart.

DATES... relax pleasantly at the markets


Piazza delle Conserve

July and August

Every Wednesday from 8 pm onwards !!! Each child must be equipped with a mat or a sheet on which to display their market items. Newspapers, toys, puppets, surprises, necklaces and other objects that are no longer needed.


Piazza delle Conserve

From June to September

From 8 pm to midnight every Monday evening in Via Fiorentini, Via Baldini, Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza delle Conserve, exhibition and sale of small antiques, collectibles, artistic crafts (works in leather, wood, glass, etc.) and hobbyism.


Via Fiorentini

July and August

Every Thursday from 8 pm to midnight, exposure and sale of natural products, herbal products, objects and crafts from Romagna, the wellbeing of nature at your fingertips. Free entry with parking at 50mt.


Piazza Ginesio Marconi

From June to September

Every Friday evening from 8 pm to midnight!!! Show market dedicated to all those who love crafts, gastronomy and wines of Romagna.
A dip in the flavors of tradition.


Viale dei Pini

From June to September

Every Friday evening from 8 pm to midnight!!! Market of various kinds in Zadina, sale of natural products, artistic crafts, various genres for adults and children.


Stadium area


Every Friday from 8 am to 2 pm in the Stadium area the City Market. Sale of clothing, household items, footwear, leather goods.